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The Legacy of Winemaking: The Story of Brutocao and Bliss Families

A Tale of Passion and Tradition

Have you ever wondered what lies at the heart of a great wine? It’s not just about the soil, the grapes, or the climate—it’s about the legacy and passion of the families behind it. Today, we delve into the captivating story of the Brutocao and Bliss families, whose dedication to winemaking has shaped the essence of Brutocao Family Vineyards.

The Roots of Our Vineyard: The Brutocao Family’s Journey

The story begins with the Brutocao family, whose love for wine can be traced back to their origins in Treviso, Italy. This passion for food and wine was carried across the ocean, planting the seeds for a future in the rolling hills of Mendocino County.

Embracing the Land: The Bliss Family’s Contribution

Enter the Bliss family, with Irv Bliss cherishing a dream of farming in the serene landscapes of Mendocino.  This dream became a reality when, in 1943, Irv purchased what is now known as the Bliss Vineyard. Years later, the union of Len Brutocao and Martha Bliss marked the fusion of two families, two histories, and one shared dream.

The Art of Winemaking: A Tradition Passed Down

Winemaking at Brutocao is more than a process; it’s an art form passed down through generations. Each bottle of wine is a testament to the families’ commitment to quality, sustainability, and the expression of their unique terroir.

Sustainable Practices: Our Commitment to the Future

Sustainability isn’t just a concept at Brutocao—it’s a way of life. We’re dedicated to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that our love for winemaking continues to thrive in harmony with the environment.  This is shown through recent projects, including going solar at the winery as well as a brand new electric fork lift!

Pairing Perfection: The Culinary Aspect

Our wines are crafted to complement a myriad of flavors. We are grape-growers first, so the goal is to showcase the fruit.  Fruit-driven, food-friendly wines are a staple at Brtuocao & Bliss Family Vineyards.Join Us on This Journey

The legacy of the Brutocao and Bliss families is not just our story—it’s a journey we share with every bottle. We invite you to be a part of this legacy. Explore our wines, visit our vineyard, and experience the passion and tradition that define Brutocao Family Vineyards.


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