The ‘Bliss Vineyard’, or ‘Home Ranch’ was purchased in 1943 by Irv Bliss. In the early days Irv farmed the land, grew grapes and figs, raised sheep and cattle. In the 70’s all of the land was converted to grapes. Irv’s great farming skills produced grapes that were sold to many well known local and regional wineries. In 1980, we produced our first wine and in 1990 we built a winery on the Bliss Ranch to make all of our wines Estate Produced. Because of our award winning wines, customer loyalty, and amazing growth, we outgrew the first winery and it has now become an onsite wine storage warehouse. A brand new winery was built in 2003 and expanded in 2009.

In the early 90’s, Len and Martha’s three sons took on individual roles in the family business. David, as Director of Winemaking Operations, ensures the family’s vision is carried out. Len, as Director of Vineyard Operations, oversees the cultivation of the land from new plantings to grape harvest. Our vineyard plantings have reached nearly 400 acres, and through out that growth, we have implemented important sustainability practices to ensure healthy land and quality grapes. Their youngest brother, Steve, took over as CEO in 2010 after many years of experience in wine marketing and sales. Steve has helped grow Brutocao’s presence in markets accross the country as well as internationally. The three brothers carry on the values and traditions instilled in them through their family heritage to produce world class estate wines from their Mendocino ranches.

Fourth generation family, Kevin is now involved in carrying on the family’s legacy. Kevin grew up working for his father, Len, in the vineyards. He manages the marketing of our family brands as well as runs our website and online store. Many other members of the family help out when and where needed, and they can be found at winery events as well as assisting with wine quality control.

Bliss Vineyard, Mendocino County California USA


Purchased by Irv Bliss in 1943. On the Bliss Vineyard, we grow Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Merlot, Sangiovese, Barbera and Dolcetto. Soils are Talmage very gravelly sandy loam, Feliz gray loam gravelly substratum, Feliz loam, Cole clay loam, and Cole loam with effective rooting depths of 60+ inches. Available water capacity ranges from low to high to very high and permeability ranges from slow to moderate to moderately rapid.

  • 400 acres with 177acres planted
  • 0 – 2% slope
View of the Contento Vineyard


Purchased in 1997 and planted in 1999. We grow Cabernet Sauvignon and Primitivo. Contento is the site of the old ATECO Brangus cattle Ranch where they raised purebred Brangus cattle and used some of the ranch for research and development of new tractor equipment. This resulted in very fertile land. Contento is also the location of an old inactive gold mine. Soils are Redvine sandy clay loam and Hopland-Witherell-Squawrock complex with effective rooting zones of 20 – 60 inches. Available water capacity ranges from moderately low to high and permeability is moderate

  • 251.11 acres with 89.69 planted
  • 2 – 30% slope

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