Candelabra Redwood Tree


Candelabra takes its name from the majestic redwood trees that form the western edge of the Anderson Valley. A candelabra is a fallen Redwood that sends new shoots upward and continues to grow and preserve its heritage for generations. Our father had the foresight to develop this property in the beautiful and remote Anderson Valley, in 1991. Just as the Coastal Redwoods thrive on the fog of the Valley, so too do the Pinot Noir grapes in the vineyard. The next generations of the Brutocao Family have chosen to honor his legacy with this wine.

The   Wine

Candelabra Pinot Noir is our dedication to the terroir of the Anderson Valley. All Estate fruit, hand harvested and sorted in the vineyard and again in the cellar; this Pinot Noir is truely hand crafted at every level. Utilizing traditional Burgundy Cooperages, hand selected barrels for individual clones, and specialized Pinot Noir toastings allows Candelabra to express our Anderson Valley Estate's character while staying true to the methods and traditions that produce the very best Pinot Noirs.


Ten and a half acres broken into three blocks on the begining of the “deep end” of the valley, just north of Philo. Five clones planted within these blocks to give us diversity both in the vineyard and in the bottle. Through higher, more targeted pruning of individual vines we lower productions to concentrate quality.


  • Clone '113' - Elegant aromatics and layers of complex flavors make this Dijon clone an important element of balanced Pinot Noirs.
  • Clone '115' - This clone produces lower acid fruit, that forms wines that are more round and supple with rich textures.
  • Clone '777' - Dark and rich, giving strong intense colors and great aromatics lending towards dense and complex black fruit flavors, leather, tobacco, and earthy notes.
  • 'Swan' -Originally propagated by Joseph Swan in the Russian River Valley, this clone displays bright fruit and moderate richness.
  • 'Pommard ' - Brings structured tannins, dark fruit flavors, and a somewhat meaty, syrah-like character.


100% French Oak, 40% New. All Burgundy Cooperages, using specialized Pinot Noir toasting methods. Hand selected barrels for specific clones.

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